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Heng Lee's products are found not only in kitchens but also in Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. We have consistently innovated strong marketing plans to cater our localized customer tastes.

Among the products are light soya sauce, sos P.S.H. Sebatian thick soya sauce, thai chilli sauce, thai sweet chilli sauce, seafood chilli sauce, sweet soya sauce, vinegar, bean paste, mill bean sauce, black bean paste, black sweet paste, chilli oil, sweetened sauce, hot bean paste, chilli sauce, tomato sauce, lemon sauce, plum sauce, lime juice, whole sour plum, plum paste, vegetarian chilli sauce and special made sauces have been widely used in restaurant, as well as by families of all races who share a passion for Chinese food.

Halal logoAll products produced by Heng Lee Sauce Factory are certified HALAL by authorised Islamic bodies, an achievement which Heng Lee Sauce Factory is proud of. Existing products are tested and appoved by Ministry of Health.